WPBHL hosts 4 divisions: Youth (Co-ed and Girl); Young Adult (Young Men/Young Women); Adult (Men/Women); Special Needs (Co-ed).


Youth Division is comprised of 12 age groups (*times are subject to change and are approximate):

U6 - Co-ed (4,5,6) (*Saturday and Sunday mornings)

 U8 - Co-ed and Girls (7,8) (*Saturdays and Sunday morning)

U10 - Co-ed and Girls (9,10) (*Saturdays and Sundays afternoons)

U12 - (Co-ed and Girls) (11,12) (*Saturdays and Sundays afternoons)

U14 - (Co-ed and Girls) (13,14) (*Saturdays and Sundays evenings)

U16 - (Co-ed) (15,16) (*Sunday and Monday evenings)

U16 - (Girls) (15/16) (*Thursday and Friday evenings)

U18 - (Girls) (Times TBD)

U19 - (Co-ed) (17,18,19) (*Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings)


Young Adult Division is comprised of Young Women (19-29 years old) and Young Men (20-29 years old) 

  (Both Monday evenings*) 

Adult Division is comprised of Women (age 30+) (Wednesday evenings); and Men (age 40+) (Tuesday evenings) 

  Special Needs Division is for all ages (youth and adult).

(Thursday evenings*)  


All our divisions are very popular and fill up quickly. At time of registration priority is given to returning players from the previous year. Typically, the Youth season runs from April to end of June; the Young Adult season runs from May to August; and the Adult season runs from April until mid-October. The Special Needs division typically runs from May until mid-July. In 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, play has been postponed until the summer (pending Toronto public health and provincial restrictions and recommendations).



Division Convenors


Convenors are assigned to each Division. The convenors may be contacted by email [email protected] Please refer to the convenor list to determine who is assigned to the divisions.