1. Registration

When does registration take place?

Registration usually opens in January each year. Check the website for exact dates. Register early to avoid disappointment. The program typically fills shortly after registration opens.

How do I register my child(ren) in the WPBHL?

REGISTRATION is online only through our website with payment by credit card  and Interac (cheques are not accepted).

What is your cancellation policy?

To obtain a refund, you must submit a request by e-mail at [email protected]. Please specify:
• your name and the name of your child
• the division in which your child is registered (Mite, Tyke, Novice, Atom, Peewee, Bantam, Junior)
• your child’s team (if he or she has already been assigned to a team)
• your phone number, email address, and mailing address
• your reason for requesting a refund

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for refund processing. If the season is cancelled due to Covid or you decide to cancel due to Covid you will be refunded the full amount (minus $10 for administrative registration and banking fees)

Will any charges be applied for my refund?
Prior to first game of season Up to and including second week of season After second week of season
Full entry fee Entry fee minus $30 admin fee No refund available after this period. Refund request will not be accepted.
Can I sign up my child(ren) to play on the same team as a friend?

We only take teammate requests in the Mite division. 

2. Season Dates and Times

When and for how long does the season run?

The season generally begins in early April. The season ends the last weekend before the primary school year ends. We do not offer a minors program in the fall. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2021 season is postponed until the summer (for this season only).

When is the first game of the season and how will we be notified?

Each child will be phoned by one of their coaches in late March. Coaches will hand out team jerseys at the first game and check equipment.

What are the days of the week and the times of the games?


U6 (Co-ed)

U8 (Girls and Co-ed)

Saturdays and Sundays

 Saturdays and Sundays



U10 (Girls and Co-ed)  Saturdays and Sundays Mornings
U12 (Girls and Co-ed)  Saturday and Sundays Afternoons
U14 (Girls and Co-ed)  Saturdays and Sundays Evenings
U16 Co-ed  Sundays and Mondays Evenings 
U16 Girls Thursday and Fridays Evenings
U19 Co-ed  Monday,  Wednesday, and Thursday  Evenings
U18 Girls  TBD
Young Adults (Women and Men) Monday Evenings
Women Wednesday  Evenings 
Men Tuesday   Evenings


3. Location

When and for how long does the season run?

League games are played at Riverdale Park (Broadview Avenue, south of Danforth) or Withrow Park (Carlaw Avenue, south of Danforth) or Greenwood Park Arena (Greenwood Ave. south of Gerrard). 

4. Experience

My child has never played ball hockey/ice hockey before. Is this program suitable for my child?

Yes! Our program is designed to suit children at all levels of experience and skill. A fair number (especially in Mite and Tyke) of WPBHL players are children with limited or no ice hockey or ball hockey experience.

5. Equipment

What kind of equipment do you provide? What equipment do I need to provide for my child?

We provide each registered player with a team jersey. We also provide goalie equipment, permitting each child to try their hand at goaltending (if they so wish). Goaltenders must wear their own regular CSA-approved helmet (not provided) or their own CSA-approved goalie mask (not provided).


For players:

  • Hockey helmet with full facial protection (cage)
    Note: both facemask and helmet must have CSA sticker.
  • Goaltenders can either wear player helmet/facemask (as above) or a goalie mask
    Note: goalie mask must have CSA sticker. –
    ** Street hockey goalie masks ARE NOT PERMITTED ***
  • Hockey gloves
    Note: any type of gloves not designed for ice hockey use (e.g., lacrosse) are not permitted.
  • Hockey stick
    Note: both wood or composite are accepted. Push-on plastic blades are not permitted.
  • Running shoes
  • Soccer style shin guards
    Note: It is mandatory for shin guards to be completely covered by socks.
    Note: Ice hockey shin guards are not permitted.
Is there any additional equipment that is acceptable and recommended?
  • Mouth guard
  • Atletic support (jock or jill)
  • Knee pads (soft)
  • Soft elbow pads
    Note: Hard ice hockey elbow pads are not permitted. Elbow pads must be covered by jersey
Is there banned and prohibited equipment?
  • Shoulder pads
  • Hockey-style hard elbow pads
  • Hockey-style shin guards
  • Any type of gloves that are not ice hockey gloves, (e.g. lacrosse gloves)
What type of hockey stick is required?

Wooden or composite hockey sticks only. Plastic bladed sticks where the blade is pushed on to the shaft are not allowed.

6. All-Star Program

What is the Withrow Park's All Star program?

Withrow Park’s All Star program is for players who want to play in a more competitive environment. We have a long and storied past playing at the provincial level. Every year, the League sends all-star teams to the Ontario Ball Hockey Association’s provincial tournaments, which are held over one weekend in July. We have also had teams compete nationally and internationally, and had representatives play at the Ontario Summer Games. Tryouts typically take place beginning in late April/early May, followed by team selection and dedicated all-star practices.

7. Volunteering/Working with the WPBHL

How do I become a coach?

As part of the registration process, please indicate when prompted if you are interested in coaching or assistant coaching your child(ren).

How do I become a paid WPBHL referee?

Please visit the OBHF website for qualification details. If interested in refereeing please send us an email at [email protected].

Who do I contact to join the WPBHL family of volunteers?

Contact any one of the WPBHL Board Members who can guide you to the appropriate contact. List of current Board members can be found here.

8. Equalization

Why rebalance the teams?

While every effort is made to ensure that the teams selected are of relatively equal strength, the League appreciates that this is a difficult process and all games will always have a team that wins and a team that does not win. The goal is to promote close competition, which is proven to encourage great effort and even better fun. Ideally, we would like all games in every division to be close. We would like every team to have a realistic chance of beating the other teams in its division.

What is the rebalancing process?

Prior to the season commencing, each Division Convenor assigns registered players to the teams in that division. After the season starts, he/she keeps tabs on the games and scores. If after the fourth game it is apparent that there is an imbalance that needs to be corrected, the Convenor will consult with the coaches to determine a plan of action. After an agreed plan of action is settled (i.e., which children will be moved) the parents of the players involved are contacted. The convenors, coaches and the members of the Board are all parents with children in the League, and we fully appreciate that moving kids around can be a difficult and sensitive issue.

When does equalization take place?

As noted above, equalization typically takes place after the second weekend of the season (i.e., after each team in the division in question has played 4 games).

What are we doing to minimize equalization?

We continue to take steps to try to minimize equalization. Coaches are asked each year to complete player evaluations, with the coaches required to grade each of their players, and those evaluations are used by the convenors putting together the teams in the subsequent year. We also ask for information on the skills of new players so that we have a sense of what we’re dealing with.


The league appreciates that moving children between teams can be uncomfortable and we will rely on parents, care givers and coaches to help ensure this process highlights the value of creating a competitive league.


By registering with the Withrow Ball Hockey League all players are agreeing 100% to the team balancing process.

About the WPBHL

The WPBHL is not-for-profit organization with a constitution and an elected volunteer board of directors. The WPBHL is a proud member of the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation, the governing body for the sport of ball hockey in Ontario.