WPBHL 2022 Sponsors

Sponsorship is a key component to the success of our league. Our community would not be the same without their support. The Withrow Board would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity.

Show your appreciation to the folks on the front of the jerseys. Player fees only cover a part of the league’s operating costs – all those little orange balls come from somewhere – thank our sponsors for that.
Many of them are local community businesses who simply want to support the things that make our neighborhood as great as it is. Return the support by frequenting their businesses and let them know you appreciate it (it makes getting next year’s sponsorship that much easier!)

To visit our sponsors’ websites please click on the links below.

Street hockey ball

U6 Coed Division

Bare Market

iQ Living

Ed's Real Scoop

Greektown BIA




U8 Coed Division

Alter ego

Fatima Bregman


U8 Girls Division

Healthy Planet


The Big Carrot

Richards Group

U10 Coed Division

Onondaga Camp

Onondaga Camp

Camp Hurontario

Danforth Scholars

U10 Girls Division

Onondaga Camp

Onondaga Camp

U12 Coed Division

Cranson Capital

taylor jones

U12 Girls Division

Cranson Capital

U14 Coed Division

Ellas Meat Market

Onondaga Camp

Onondaga Camp


U14 Girls Division


U16 Coed Division

Levine Law

Levine Lions

U16/18 Girls Division


reBoot Canada

U19 Coed Division

Torys Titans

De Francesca Law

Young Women’s Division


Young Men’s Division

Taber’s Wild Thing

Women’s Division

All Abilities Division

You Can Play

Councillor Paula Fletcher