Job opportunity: League seeks operations manager

WPBHL Operations Manager

General Duties:
Serve and represent the WPBHL in the community. Ensure that operations of all WPBHL divisions run smoothly and efficiently, including Mens, Womens and Youth – for both House League and All Star/Competitive programs.

Primary duties: 

  • Rink preparedness.
  • Keeping WPBHL community updated re game status through Twitter.
  • Hire, train, supervise and evaluate staff.
  • Schedule staff in coordination with League Administrator.
  • Manage equipment inventory.
  • Coordinate Championship Day festivities.
  • Coordinate and distribute jersey/team clothing.
  • Coordinate Photo Day.
  • Set up and pack up equipment to and from storage facility.
  • Liaise with City staff regarding repairs, maintenance and supplies for the facilities.

Contract duration:
Training period from March 2021 to July 2021, with position starting January 2022 to July 2022.
An annual performance review will be conducted at the end of each season and led by an appointee of the WPBHL Board, at which point renewal of the contract for the following season will be discussed.

The WPBHL Operations Manager will report generally to the WPBHL Board, with specific reporting directly to the WPBHL President. Hours of work are flexible, as required.


Duties in detail:

Rink Preparedness:

  • Supervision and rallying of cleaning crews is important. If it has rained prior to games, rinks must be assessed early enough to ensure adequate time for clearing. Using social media and regular contact info, staff and squeegee crews must be alerted ASAP to arrive early. It can take up to two hours to clean a pad. A regular presence at the rinks following rainfalls is needed – by 5:15 p.m. on weeknights and 7:30 a.m. on weekends.
  • Rain Day cancellations and delays must be posted at least one hour prior to games via Facebook and Twitter. For rain delays during game days, every attempt must be made to clear and dry rinks for later games.
  • Any necessary rink repairs and/or safety issues must be reported to the league president, and should include photographs and detailed descriptions. These will be used for reports to Parks and Rec.
  • Coordinate the distribution of jersey and team clothing, including volunteer recruitment from house league and the All-Star program.


Staff Management – Time Keepers and Rink Staff

  • Scheduling and managing time keepers. Ensuring that accurate time keeping is performed (without distraction i.e. listening to music, texting, etc.)
  • Ball collection.
  • Neat and accurate time sheets submitted after each game, including attendance of players.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early to set up and ensure proper operation of the score clock remote controller.


Scheduling and Performance Management of Rink Staff

  • Ensure rink staff’s primary focus is to assist players, (no cellphone surfing).
  • Ensure rink and surrounding area is safe and clean prior to game times.
  • Clear and clean rink surface and benches before and after games.
  • Set up score clock.
  • Manage equipment room and inventory.
  • Oversee goalkeeping equipment, dressing of goalies.
  • Maintain first aid kit and equipment repair kit and assistance to players.
  • Clean and stock bathrooms and office.
  • Administrative duties (game sheet coordination – pick up and drop off from rinks etc.)
  • Input game results into AdminSavvy, (if qualified to do so.)
  • Arrive at rink with enough time before the game to be prepared (depending on if it has rained.)
  • Closing up rink – locking office and facilities.
  • Preparation and collection of game sheets, maintained in dedicated binder sheets in case of a dispute of the posted results.

A coordinated effort is to be developed between the League Administrator and the Operations Manager. Generally, the Administrator is to maintain records of each staff member’s availability, prepare the initial weekly work schedule, and manage any changes and substitutions. The Operations Manager takes responsibility for oversight of the staff during their shifts and ensuring the League’s activities are properly supported.

All Staff

  • Ensure each staff member provides a summary of availability well in advance of the scheduling period.
  • Schedule staff in line with their age brackets and experience level. Junior staff in earlier and mid-time slots with younger-aged games. Senior staff to open and close each.


  • Scheduling referees and last minute fill-ins for games in line with their age bracket and experience level from a list of qualified officials received from the WPBHL Referee-in-Chief.
  • Organizing and confirming attendance of all WPBHL officials to Withrow-only OBHF certification clinics.


Picture Day Coordination

  • Coordinate dates with photographer (including rain dates) to ensure photos are ready for Championship Day. Ensure communication of dates on website, Facebook and Twitter.


Championship Day

  • Support the activities as planned, including the coordination and management of extra staffing as required.
  • Assist board members and organization of the Championship Day as needed.
  • PA system, speakers, and music.
  • Smoke machines and banners
  • Food, drinks, BBQs.
  • Acquiring and distribution of food tickets, pictures, and trophies.

Setting up and Closing Down of equipment rooms

Organize the transportation of equipment between storage facility and rink equipment rooms at Withrow, Riverdale, and possibly Jimmie Simpson.

  • Take opening inventory and assist with making equipment purchase suggestions to fulfill needs.
  • At the end of the season, organize and execute the packing and loading of the equipment from the rooms at the rinks back into the storage facility.
  • Taking a closing inventory.

To be discussed in interview.

If you are interested in the position please forward your resume and letter of interest to:  
Hiring Committee, 
WPBHL Board  

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