Season delayed, prep continues, fingers crossed

Big thanks to all the players and families who have registered for the 2021 WPHBL season! We had a very promising response to registration, further reminding us of how important the league is to our community. Thanks for the support!

Unfortunately the latest stay-at-home order is in effect until May 6th so it is clear our hoped-for early May start will not be possible. The league is continuing to prepare and plan or the most likely scenarios. A potential schedule that extends into the summer is possible but until we get clear guidance from the city and province everything is still very tentative.

Our decision will largely be dependent on public health guidelines and significantly on the issuance of rink permits. Without the permits we simply can’t use city facilities in any fashion. Once we receive notice from the city we will inform families of start dates and work to complete preparation activities like final team building and training for staff and referees.

The WPBHL Board will continue to monitor the situation and will provide options for those who can’t make a delayed season work. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.

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