Updated All-Star Program Policies

As a popular community house league, Withrow Park Ball Hockey League develops and attracts many skilled players who are interested in competing at a higher level. With this in mind, the WPBHL forms All-Star Teams at various age groups to compete in the OBHF Provincial Championships and, if successful, the CBHA National Championships.

The WPBHL all-star convenors are long-time players, coaches and parents of players in the league. They sit on the league’s board of directors.

Tom Kourkouliotis – Chief Convenor, High Performance
Peter Lough – Convenor, Co-Ed All-Star Program
David Jones – Convenor, Girls All-Star Program

Provincial Championships
Each year the OBHF hosts provincial championships for various age groups in Co-Ed and Girls divisions. Traditionally, these championships take place on different weekends in June and July.

National Championships
The CBHA hosts National Championships at the end of July every year. Clubs earn entries into the national championships if teams that competed in the previous year’s Provincial Championships finish in the top three.

In addition to representing the WPBHL at the national stage, players are often scouted for positions on Team Canada to play internationally.

Head Coach Selection
The WPBHL all-star convenors select head coaches for Co-Ed and Girls All-Star program based on the following:
coaching experience, success and attitude in the WPBHL house league experience, success and attitude as bench staff with previous WPBHL All-Star teams at national and/or provincial levels other relevant coaching experience.

Head coaches are usually named in the autumn. Head coaches have discretion to choose their preferred bench staff.

Those interested in pursuing a head coaching or bench staff position can signal their interest by contacting the league at withrowballhockey@gmail.com or one of the convenors mentioned above.

Provincial Team Tryouts
Tryouts for roster spots on provincial teams are held soon after the house league season begins. They are overseen by head coaches and All-Star convenors. The WPBHL will publicize the dates, times and locations with league-wide e-mails. Tryouts are open only to players registered in the WPBHL

Provincial Team Selection
Team selection is based on the discretion of the head coach and can be based on any of the following criteria:

– previous All-Star experience
– performance in house league
– performance at tryouts

The league often chooses to send both A and B teams to the provincial championships if there is enough interest. “A” teams are composed of the most skilled players regardless of birth year. Should there be enough players to form a B team, the the All-Star convenors will select a head coach for the B team. The B team coach will select players who were not selected for the A team during the tryout process. Prior to the teams starting their first official practices, should a player from the A team be unable to compete in the tournament, the A team can call up a player from the B team. No call-ups will be allowed after the first practices have been held.

Roster sizes
The maximum roster size for OBHF tournaments is 20 runners and 2 goalies. The WPBHL recommends a maximum of 15 runners and 2 goalies and a minimum of 13 runners and 1 goalie with an understanding that exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

National Teams Selection
The WPBHL selects teams to represent the league at the CBHA national championships in the Spring. The process is overseen by head coaches and All-Star convenors. The head coach and High Performance Convenor will choose the teams based on a number of factors, including:

– previous All-Star experience
– performance in house league
– performance at tryouts (if held)

Being on a team that earned a national championship berth for the WPBHL at the previous year’s provincial championships does not guarantee a player a roster spot on the team attending the national championships.

CBHA roster rules for the national championships permit teams to carry players from OBHF-sanctioned teams outside their club. While the majority of team rosters will be from the WPBHL, players from other organizations may be offered roster spots in some circumstances. Decisions to offer these roster spots to players outside the WPBHL will be made by a committee made up of the All-Star convenors and WPBHL president and in consultation with the team’s head coach.

Time Commitment
As a competitive program, being selected to a Withrow All-Star team brings with it an expected time commitment. Players are required to maintain a commitment to their house league teams and also attend the majority of practices, training sessions and exhibition games associated with their team.

In addition, the player is expected to be available to play all games during the provincial or national championships.

Playing Time
Similar to other competitive sports teams, WPBHL All-Star teams do not have a guarantee of equal playing time. Playing time for each player is at the coach’s discretion as are special teams assignments such as power play and penalty killing units. Head coaches have the discretion to dress and play as many players as they wish on their roster during the provincial or national championships as the game situations call for.